Raising Money for Moorfields

March 4, 2018

Just after my official diagnosis in September 2017 I felt absolutely helpless and I will admit, I lost all purpose in life for a bit. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted to do or even what I could do now with this massive weight of vision loss on my shoulders. I saw the Moorfields eye to eye walk one morning on Facebook and said to my little boy, maybe we should raise some money that could go to the hospital that diagnosed me? I told him about the walk and he was so enthusiastic about it that I signed up for it there and then!


The day of the walk in March, was when we had a massive cold snap in the UK, full of ice and snow, but miraculously it had all disappeared for our 4-mile trek across London! Our 4 mile walk actually turned into a 10-mile walk and a trip to Hamley’s! We learnt that day, my husband doesn’t have very good map reading skills and we walked 2 miles the wrong way! I went home full of happiness that night, also very proud of my little boy for walking so far to help his mum! We raised an impressive £2,250 for Moorfields research into Stargardts and even though there isn’t a cure yet, it gave me hope that one day there might be, and I had contributed to this research 💖.


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