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You will always be in my heart, because there you are still alive πŸ’™

January 15, 2020
Me and My Grampa George

On Thursday evening, my Grampa passed away suddenly. I will never forget the phone call from my mum. My Grampa was the only constant and consistent male relative in my life from the day I was born and was more like a dad to me πŸ’™. It was so much better for him to have left us the way he did, but because he left without warning, I feel like I haven’t been able to say all of the things…

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The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel

January 1, 2020
Me, not looking sad on the outside, but sometimes we are on the inside.

This is so true and something I struggle with a lot. New Years is one of the hardest times  for me mentally as I hate all the pressure of feeling you have to have big goals and huge dreams when in reality a big goal may just be getting out of bed and a huge dream may just be making it to the end of the week without losing it and do you know what, that is ok. New year…

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Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards 2019

November 12, 2019
A picture of me with my blu light blocker glasses on.

Purple Tuesday With today being purple Tuesday, I thought it would be a good day to discuss what I have been invited to on Thursday evening, but first here is a bit about today πŸ’œ. Purple Tuesday is a day that makes customer facing businesses more aware and is to inspire them to improve a disabled persons customer experience when shopping with them. By a company making just one positive change to their business for accessibility, it will create a wider…

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Baby Wearing

September 11, 2019
Me baby wearing on the beach.

When I first had Sawyer, I tried my hardest to breast feed as not being able to with Harvey really got me down at the time. Sawyer was perfect at latching but was such a big baby, I struggled to provide him with enough to ever settle him. The main reason I gave it up however, was that I was desperate for my hormones to settle to give my eyes some kind of a chance to right themselves after having…

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August 2, 2019
Me from the back in an infinity pool looking out to the sea in Croatia. I have my hair down and a neon green bikini on.

This picture was taken last August in Croatia. I felt like my life was very surreal at this point after my Stargardts diagnosis. I felt pretty lost to be honest and panicked that I needed to see more and experience more of this world that we live in, before my eyesight declined. In hindsight, I would love to see more beautiful places and travelling does make me happy, but I get just as much joy at home daily watching my…

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36 Weeks Pregnant

May 24, 2019
Me at 36 weeks pregnant.

So tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has really flown by and it’s scary to think I had Harvey at 38 weeks so may only have a couple of weeks left, eek! I have come out in a horrible cold the last couple of days and I’m struggling to sleep at night as much as I was because I can’t get comfy at this stage anymore. I have noticed a big change in my eyes the last…

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4D Scan Day πŸ’™

April 15, 2019
30 Weeks Pregnant - 4D Scan Day

After the sadness of my appointment last Friday, and dealing with the fact that my eyes are progressing, I had totally forgotten our 4D baby scan was booked for the following weekend. At the time, I booked the scan after Moorfields, in case I received bad news and needed something to look forward to. When the reminder came up on my phone last Sunday, excitement washed over my upset. I can’t deny I was slightly apprehensive about the 4D scan…

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