National Eye Health Week

September 24, 2019
A close up of me with a black top on and my dark hair down. I have orange tinted glasses on and bright pink lipstick.

From the 23rd September until the 29th September, it is National eye health week.

Other than these orange blue light blocking glasses, I look the same as everyone else. My eyes are shiny, bright and on the surface, they look completely healthy.

2 years ago, almost to the day, I never in a million years thought I would be told by an eye specialist that I was going blind from Stargardts disease. My condition is rare and unfortunately, there is no treatment to help me, but only around 20% of eye conditions are incurable. That means around 80% could be treated before vision is lost or the retina damaged.

Eye Health Week
National Eye Health Week

If you know you haven’t had an eye test in the past couple of years, I urge you to get yourself booked in. Our eyesight is often taken for granted, but when we are losing it, I can’t deny that it is heart-breaking. Even if you know your eyes are ok and have been for an eye test recently, please remember to wear sunglasses, even on the overcast and bright days as UV rays can still cause damage. Please don’t forget children too as their eyes are so delicate as they are growing. Happy eye health week. Make it a week that you make some helpful changes for the sake of your eyes and your precious vision. 😎💜

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