Two Blind Brothers Ambassador

May 14, 2018

After being diagnosed, I wasn’t given any information from my local hospital about my disease and was basically left to google everything. I wasn’t even told how much vision I would lose. After googling Stargardts, I came across the two blind brothers. I was so inspired about what I had read about them, that I went to find their Facebook page. After going through most of their posts, I felt so grateful that there were people out there trying to help raise money and find a cure for Stargardts, so I contacted them.


me in my 2bb t shirt

About a month after my Moorfields walk and after updating the two blind brothers on how we did, I had a message to ask if I would like to be an ambassador for them! I couldn’t believe it and I am still shocked to this day why they asked me. The confidence and positivity their kindness gave me after that was amazing and I am so thankful to them for keeping me energized and making me feel a part of something so soon after my diagnosis. I am also so grateful for how much of their time they put in to funding research for a future cure 💙.

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