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Fitting In

November 15, 2018
Me looking out at the beautiful view in Croatia.

Sometimes, I just feel like I don’t fit in. This isn’t something new to be honest, struggling with debilitating anxiety from 14 years old onwards, gave me a good taster of what it is like to not feel accepted, or left out when you feel you have no will power to try and get yourself out of the house, or have to make another excuse why you can’t go to a party or meet up with friends. People accepted it,…

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Lifestyle Travel Vision

Memories vs To Do List

October 30, 2018
Brixham Harbour Photo

Last week was half term and my husband had booked some time off of work. We have a jobs list for the house as long as I care to admit, so we debated whether this time and money should be spent on that. It’s not that anything major needs doing, it could just do with re painting in most of the rooms and some of our furniture could do with being replaced. The thing is, the house doesn’t excite me…

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