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January 5, 2019
Urban Decay Cherry Palette pic of me with finished makeup.

I adore make up. When I was 18 I went to college to train as a beauty therapist with dreams of becoming a make-up artist. I passed easily as it was the first thing I had ever done that my heart was completely set on, but then things got in the way and anxiety struck, it was also at a time a lot of people were doing beauty and I just never carried on with it or wanted to go to London on my own to do the course. With my obvious decline in vision, I’m not sure if it was a blessing in disguise anyway, as I am finding make up harder and harder to do now, although I still love trying! And giving up a job I loved because of my Stargardts may have been very upsetting, so maybe life worked out for the best after all?

Urban Decay - Cherry Palette - Finished Eye Make-Up
Urban Decay – Cherry Palette – Finished Eye Make-Up

For Christmas my husband bought me the new Urban Decay Cherry palette and lipstick and today was the first day I’d had time to try it out, well it didn’t disappoint! The pinky red colours are amazing and so pigmented. I have a few Urban Decay palettes, but this one is definitely my favourite so far and the dark cherry lipstick finished the look off nicely. Other than my wonky smile, I was very pleased with the results and a reason why you should never give up. I will carry on with my make up as long as I possibly can and even though my dream of becoming a make-up artist never happened, I can still practice on myself when I get the time 💋♥️

My Cherry Eye Palette - Urban Decay
Cherry Eye Palette – Urban Decay

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