Journey to the Centre of the Eye

September 27, 2018
My dog called Loco, on a walk for journey to the centre of the earth.

Today Loco and I walked fight for sights journey to the centre of the eye. This is a virtual race where you’ll experience the world from a different perspective. Fight for sight’s description is as follows, “you will be shrunk down and chase a photon of light through the eye and on to the brain – discovering how it is your eyes bring the wonders of the world around you to light”. This was a great learning experience, as at every kilometre reached, you get a piece of information about a part of your eye and what it does to help your eye function. This also kept me motivated as I knew when I had reached another kilometre without having to keep checking my phone.


Journey to the Centre of the Eye fund raising pic

Journey to the Centre of the Eye fund raising logo.


Fight for sight is a UK based charity and relies on donations to fund pioneering research projects to try and cure blindness. Without donations and funding, they cannot do this. Currently fight for sight can only fund 15-20% of 90 applications they get each year which is why currently, eye diseases such as mine, are still incurable.

This walk is free to join up and you don’t have to ask anyone for donations. A team Stargardts has been started up and a £2 minimum donation to the just giving page is all that is requested to support research into this eye condition. The walk can be done at your leisure over the next two weeks, or over and done with in one go like I did! I think this is a brilliant event idea as it isn’t directly asking anyone for money. If anyone would like to take part and help cure Stargardts please have a look at this link:


And this is the just giving page for anyone who wishes to join us in this virtual race ❤️


Happy walking everyone 😊

Me walking for Journey to Centre of the Eye fund raiser.

Me walking for Journey to Centre of the Eye fund raiser.

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    You picked a spectacular day to do something wonderful 🤩

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