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September 1, 2018
rovinj, croatia

I had wanted to visit Croatia about 15 years ago. I remember going into the travel agents when I was 18 and the lady had no clue what I was on about and had never heard of it, so after that I ended up in Cyprus.

After my diagnosis and thinking of places I would really like to see whilst my vision was still good enough, I got on the internet and started looking up beautiful places. Croatia came up and my memories of how desperate I had been to go, all came back to me. It was only a two-hour flight too, so we booked it.


rabac, croatia 2018

Croatia was a visual delight! The landscape was so pretty, and the water was crystal clear and blue, you could stand deep in the sea and still be able to watch the fish swimming at the bottom. We hired a car one day and my husband drove me to Rovinj, an amazing town in Croatia, it reminded me of Malcesine in Lake Garda, it was stunning. It had quirky little shops on cobbled streets with amazing colourful buildings that were sat right on the sea. We also hired a little boat on another day and drove all around the coast and into the little coves, it was stunning.


happy me, Croatia 2018

When we got home, and I was looking at all our memories in pictures, I noticed one from the day of our boat trip where I am swimming in the sea. I noticed that it was a completely genuine and happy smile, I haven’t seen that smile much, if at all in pictures over the last year after I found out about my Stargardts, and although I felt sad about that, I was so grateful that I had that moment in Croatia and for a while all my fears and worries had disappeared, even for a few seconds 💙 that’s what holidays are for after all. x



Stargardts Picnic – Hyde Park

August 19, 2018

Just after my diagnosis last year, I heard about a Stargardts picnic that was happening in Hyde park, where lots of people with this disease got together to meet others going through the same thing. This time last year I was not ready to meet anyone else with Stargardts, and the opportunity passed me by. The picnic was organised again this year and by now I was desperate to meet others with the same as me as sometimes this disease makes you feel like the only person in the world going through vision loss. A few years ago, my anxiety wouldn’t have allowed me to go and meet a group of strangers, but this was different, I was different, I had something massive in common with this group of people and something I was desperate to talk about.


Stargardts picnic pic

The day came around and my husband drove me into London and our little boy came too. Meeting up with so many others with Stargardts, of different ages was amazing. I met so many inspirational people that day, who I hope to meet up with again soon. It made me realise that this disease won’t stop me doing what I want to do and living my life, it gave me the motivation and strength to get on with things and that I would be ok, it was the reassurance I needed, and I can’t wait for the next one 😊.


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